About Stockholm Pride

Stockholm Pride is a non-profit, non governmental organization with a membership of around 150 individuals, organizations and companies. Among the organizations that are members of Stockholm Pride are the political parties and the big associations for LGBTIQ Rights and Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

Among them are RFSL, the leading association for LGBTIQ in Sweden and organizer of Gay Liberation Week, arranged in Stockholm from 1977-1997. During the first few years, these were relatively small events, with a few seminars, performances and a march.

In 1998, Stockholm Pride was founded when Stockholm hosted EuroPride for the first time. In contrast to how the “Gay Liberation Week” had been organized, Stockholm Pride was founded as a platform for cooperation between different organizations within the LGBTIQ-community. In this way, it managed to mobilize a larger part of the community and to reach out much more than its predecessor. In 2008, Stockholm Pride organized EuroPride for the second time.

After 1998, Stockholm Pride has been organized annually, and is now the largest LGBTIQ-event in Scandinavia as well as the largest annual event in Stockholm. Stockholm Pride’s activities are centered around three main arenas – Pride House, Pride Park and Pride Parade. During the 2014 festival, we organized a debate with all the leaders from the political parties represented in the Parliament (excluding the Sweden Democrats).

Organizational structure

A board  is elected by the AGM. President and treasurer are always elected for one year, the other board members for two years to ensure continuity. The board is responsible for the governing of the organization, the long-term strategic planning of the festival, policy issues and national and international networking.

The responsibility for implementation of board decisions, especially related to the planning and making of each year´s festival, lies within the executive part of the organization, to which the board appoints the chief executive and other persons for higher management.

These people then recruit their respective teams, sometimes with help from the board. Within the executive part of the organization there is many years’ experience and competence in producing Stockholm Pride.

Usually, everyone in Stockholm Pride works on a voluntary basis. Throughout the year, between 30 and 100 people participate in the planning and organizing of events and during the actual festival period, another 400-500 people join in.

For EuroPride 2018, a stronger organization is needed, in particular for long-term preparations and for certain managerial positions. Therefore, Stockholm Pride have appointed a paid project manager.

Core Values of Stockholm Pride

§1 Stockholm Pride supports the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

§2 Stockholm Pride works for the strenghtening of the rights of LGBT people and actively oppose any forms of discrimination, e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

§3 Stockholm Pride shows solidarity with other movements that are at risk of discrimination and oppression, and that acts in the same spirit as Stockholm Pride.

§4 Stockholm Pride is open to each and everyone that share the above mentioned values.

Stockholm Pride in figures

1998 – Stockholm Pride was founded
500 000 – Annual visits during the festival
600 – Program items annually
45 000 – Participants in the Parade annually
450 000 – Onlookers of the Parade annually