Human Rights Conference

During EuroPride we will arrange two HR conferences. On in Stockholm the 3rd of August at and one in Gothenburg on the 17th of August. The full program will soon be released.


On Friday, August 3rd, EuroPride is hosting a human rights conference with a dedicated focus on the human rights of LGBTQI people around Europe. The conference will comprise of a wide range of seminars and talks with the participation of activists, politicians and a several NGOs from all over Europe. The inauguration speakers are the Swedish minister for democracy and LGBTQI rights, Alice Bah Kuhnke as well as the former minister for European Union affairs Birgitta Ohlsson. Some of the highlights from the conference include.

  • A discussion on how the European parliament handles LGBTQI rights and issues is one of the topics of the day with the participation of several MEPs. Representatives from the LGBTQI unit at the Council of Europe will also analyze and discuss the current state of LGBTQI rights and issues in Europe.
  • Civil Rights Defenders is arranging a seminar covering the state of LGBTQI issues in Turkey, Russia and Belarus. ILGA Europe and Transgender Europe will also present their latest survey regarding relevant legislation for LGBTQI people around Europe. The LGBTQI chapters of several Swedish political parties as well as Amnesty will also arrange seminars during the conference.
  • The Swedish organizations RFSU and RFSL are leading a seminar covering abortion rights and LGBTQI issues in key countries such as Poland and Ireland. The seminar will be moderated by the chairs of RFSL and RFSU, Hans Linde and Sandra Ehne respectively.
  • The Human Rights Conference in general will focus especially at the situation for trans people around Europe. Aforementioned RFSL will arrange a talk in cooperation with Swedish aid organization SIDA regarding the possibility for trans activists to organize in eastern Europe and southern Caucasus. RFSL youth chapter, in cooperation with Transgender Europe, are also hosting a talk focusing on changing your legal gender as a minor across Europe.
  • The strategic uses of processes as a method to accomplish change will be another topic during the day. Representatives of some of the organizations pushing cases on a European level recently will participate.


On Friday, August 17th, Europride is hosting a Human Rights Conference with a dedicated focus on the human rights of LGBTQI people around Europe. The conference will comprise of a wide range of seminars and talks with the participation of activists, politicians and a several NGOs from all over Europe and the world, including representatives from Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago and Uganda. The conference will be held at the museum for world culture (Världskulturmuseet) in Gothenburg, and the inaugural speaker is Swedish EU commissioner on trade, Cecilia Malmström. Highlights from the conference will include:

  • Swedish LGBTQI organization RFSL will arrange a seminar focusing on the challenges facing the LGBTQI movement in difficult areas. Activists from Iraq, Jordan and Georgia will participate as well as Outright Action International which is presenting a survey on the situation for LGBTQI organizing around the world.
  • Europe Direct will give a presentation on the LGBTQI work at the fundamental rights bureau at the European Union. Amnesty will also present the result of their LGBTQI focused campaigns.
  • A dedicated seminar will be held regarding intersex rights. Participants include intersex organization OII Europe as well as GATE, Global Advocates for Trans Equality. GATE will also present the results on their work on changing the classification tool (ICD) at WHO. Just recently the news broke that being transgender will no longer be classified as a mental illness in the new ICD, instead it will now be considered a “sexual health condition”. Something the international trans movement have been fighting many years to achieve.
  • Activists working with LGBTQI issues toward the UN will talk about their experiences. Part of the seminar will also be used to highlight the situation of asylum seeking LGBTQI individuals. Anastasia Danilova, who represent ILGA World, will also talk about her experiences regarding international LGBTQI work.
  • Democrats Abroad will talk about the latest restrictions of LGBTQI rights in the US.
  • Peter Wallenberg, representing Rainbow Riots, arrange a talk on how he uses music as a method of LGBTQI activism.