About West Pride

West Prides’ vision is to live in an equitable and inclusive world, free from prejudice and discrimination.

West Pride is a non-profit organization with a mission to organize an annual Pride Festival primarily for LGBTIQ-people, but also open to everyone and free of charge.

Our purpose is to show a diversity of expression by celebrating music, art and culture. We provide meeting points and safe zones where knowledge sharing, conversations, reflections, attitude changes and social influence can flourish.

All year around West Pride visits schools and educates teachers and pupils in LGBTIQ knowledge. Also, all of our partners receive an education package in basic LGBTIQ.

We inspire an open society that counteracts prejudices and discrimination on the basis of sexuality, gender identity and expressions.


The festival is aimed primarily towards LGBTIQ people in Gothenburg and western parts of Sweden, but also to a wider public both nationally and internationally.

Our purpose is to show a diversity of expression by coordinating and arranging art and culture. We create meeting points and areas for knowledge, conversations, reflections, attitude change and social influence.

We want to inspire you into a more open society that counteracts prejudices and discrimination on the basis of sexuality, gender identity and expressions.

Organizational structure

West Pride is a nonprofit organization with over 250 members. At the AGM, a board of ten people is elected for one year. The board is responsible for the strategic planning of the organization. This board employs operation managers who makes sure the decisions from the board is implemented.

West Prides work stretches over the year, with the start of the planning of the festival in early August. In addition to the festival, West Pride also works with a massive educational program, visiting schools and working places educating on diversity, LGBTIQ and intersectionality. The educational programs mainly takes part in the autumn.

West Pride has got over 250 volunteers during the festival. During the spring volunteering managers for the different festival areas are appointed. Apart from the volunteers, the office consists of three full time working personnel.

Goals and core values

Word of value

West Pride spreads joy. West Pride is a festival where people meet up and enjoy time together. We offer meeting points and solidarity. Our visitors should feel strengthened in their identity and their life choices.


At West Pride everyone is treated with respect. We are welcoming, and we let everyone who wants to participate. We create a permissive climate, where debates and questioning may take place. We create new meetings.


Everyone can be a part of West Pride.Our vision is to have premises which are available for everyone, regardless of functionality, language or other. West Pride is a free of charge festival which is open for everyone who shares our values.


West Pride wants to make a difference every day of the year. We want to encourage a commitment that extends beyond the festivals space and time. West Pride changes attitudes and take a stand from a norm critical perspective. We are in solidarity with other parts of
the world. West Pride never gives up.


West Pride offers art and culture of high quality. Our visitors will be inspired, surprised, educated and hopefully they will be provoked. The range of art and culture is wide, courageous and innovative. We hope to challenge your approach to art and culture.

Idea and purpose

Through our arrangement and sponsoring partners we become a compound that always is working for a positive change locally and globally. Through creating these meeting points for people and organizations with art, culture and lgbtq-issues West Pride also wants to give effects outside of the festival.

West Pride in figures

2007 – West Pride was founded
130 000 – Annual visits during the festival
300  – Program items annually
16 000 – Participants in the Parade annually
22 000 – Onlookers of the Parade annually
5 500 – Students and teachers receive LGBTI- in-service training annually
2 000 – Employees of member companies receive LGBTI- in-service training annually