Photo: Ambjörn Thorhard

The parade starts like a careful symphony. The first notes are that the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland walks past. Where’s the rabbit and Alice.

The Hatter hurries along and disappears among reflex-vests and police horses. A lot of questions are asked – “Where is club Greta?” “Are there more lanyards?” “Where is our car supposed to be?” “Where is X?”

In the middle of the crowd I spot the white rabbit and Alice. None of them are in Wonderland but are part of the samba dance-school Abunda.

I wander on among daisies, pirates, police, folk dancers, balloons and feathers. Without really knowing how I end up in front of “Batteria Malmö”. Someone starts saying something in the loud speakers but I only hear “Boom-boom! 120… Boom-Boom! The region…Boom-Boom! The county… Boom-Boom! First in the parade…” I realise that I should walk away from the drums to listen to this important message, so I move towards the stage where they’re calling out the parade order.

I’m a small, small part of a sea of people. And it is as if the weather wanted to help, banners are raised and people start moving. I get passed by funny hairdo’s, fluffy wings, sequin-dressed people, scouts, bubbles and not enough drums. But hold on! Here comes Göta Lejon and Göteborgskapellet and I realise that I change my mind.

I hear church bells, are they from S:t Jacob’s church? Am I hearing right? I don’t have time to think about it more because Kiriaka come along with their rythmic music. A man in a dark suit dances along with the parade from Heden towards Götaplatsen.

Text: Irene Buro