Foto: Daniel Castro

On the way up to Götaplatsen it’s clear that there is a whole lot of people. People and music, in the parade and on the side. Maybe because it’s cooler than in a long time or maybe in spite of it.

No matter the weather I felt the sun on the inside. There was a lot of positive energy that streamed from Heden to Götaplatsen and it didn’t end there. Because at Götaplatsen the paraders were greeted by Out of Office, Sabina Ddumba, Danny Saucedo, Darin, Molly Sandén and Vcation

People mingle or bounce around like little bobbing boats in the sea of people to the sound of the music.

A perfect end to the parade. Everything set to the sound of drums coming from a side-street.

The night is not over. For me personally, the wait for Culture Club starts. On the way there I might face glitter-glamour with Alcazar that’ll last me for a long time.

Text: Irene Buro