Foto: Mimmi Hålldén

Teater Kattma is like any other theater group, aside from one thing – it consists of people with different disabilities. That’s how founding member, Hans Sjöberg, describes it. He’s also the one who directed the show “Alla har rätt” that we get a taste of at the CIty Library tuesday night. The theme is “What is important for us in the year 2018?” and a lot of the material was created by the actors themselves. The three monologues we get to hear during the night are completely written by the actors performing them.

First out is Evelina Carlie Larsson who talks about a dream about “her and me”. Evelina paints a picture many of us can relate to – falling in love, uncertainty, being scared of doing it wrong and over-analyzing every step. In the monologue, she hits the nail on the head at how it feels to be in love and fumbling.

The next actor steps on to the stage and this monologue is stripped down and captivating. A closed-off psychiatry ward is described and depicted are emotions that we’d rather not feel. Panic, loneliness and anxiety. A strong performance that as the audience holding it’s breath all the way through.

The last monologue is performed by Angela Åquist and it is youthful and fun. Angela’s charisma is something very special and full of energy. The theme is sexuality, teen crushes and heartache.

Between the monologues the ensemble, which consists of 11 people, perform improvisational skits that make the audience howl with laughter.

They’ve worked on the show for 8 months and consists of 12 monologues. It premiers on the 28th of october in Hultbergssalen at Slottskogsgatan 12.

The show will also play during Göteborgs stads Funktionsrättsvecka at Svenska Mässan in december. For anyone who can’t come, it will be filmed and put on youtube. If anyone is interested in joining Teater Kattma, you can contact them via their social media or their website “Or just grab a hold of us during our shows” says Hans Sjöberg happily.

Text: Nadja Farkhondehkish