Foto: Giulia Troisi

“Film for change” is a film project in collaboration with Kvinnofolkhögskolan. The films are made by a group of turkish LGBTQ-activists and they’ve mostly been pirated because they’ve only been allowed to be openly shown in 13 cities in Turkey and at the only LGBTQ-festival that hasn’t been shut down.

They bring up themes that focus on bi-phobia and disctiminiation among LGBTQ-people, identlty, religion, trans people, queer, stereotypes, transsexual people, acceptans and intolerance. The films are very different from each other and each director puts their own spin on their work. That the films are made with a low budget also contributes the the effect and gives a powerful impression.

One of the films that gives the strongest impression is about a person who can be read as a stereotypical old man, visiting a friend, until the person disappears into a room and comes out in a dress and make-up. Her name is Marvis, and she tells us about her life and struggle. She explains how she has to hide her dresses so her family won’t find them, and she talks about her love of lipstick and pearls. “Only god knows. And I know. I’m happier like this.”

When the director asks Marvis about regret she says that she does not regret anything. “Why would I regret it? There is nothing to regret. I am who I am.”

It’s a gripping story that crushes predjudices and stereotypes. While touching her pearls, Marvis says “All the money in the world can not compare to the feeling of being myself”. In the future “Film for change” might be uploaded to Kvinnofolkhögskolan’s website.

Text: Nadja Farkhondehkish