Photo: Victoria Björnholm

A few people are standing in front of the big stage in EuroPride park when two people in jeans and t-shirts enter the stage. Most people seem to be there to get free coffee from SJ’s booth which, appropriately enough, is right next to the stage.

In the second number one might think that two disney princesses have taken over the stage. It’s theatrical and over the top which in this context is not negative at all. They mix humour and classical italian opera in harmonious concord.

After disney princess comes the evil witch, who in this case sings about a lost bottle of champagne to enlighten the struggles of day-to-day life. Especially about what it can be like to live with an opera singer.

They show us that opera is something more that a thing belonging to high culture. It’s fun, interesting and occasionally entirely magical.

More and more people gather in front of the stage as the show progresses. That, if anything, is proof that opera is for everyone. At the time of the final number, a languishing “Time to say goodbye”, a crowd has gathered and the applause is resounding when the singers spin off the stage in their white gowns.

Text: Amanda Karlsson