Foto: Jessie Chen

During the festival there are so, so many activities. Have you been able to go to all the ones you wanted to go to? Along with activities that amuse, entertain and engage there are activites that challenge you. One of those, that really gave the brain something to work with was when Anna-Maria Sörberg spoke to Finn Hellman about Anna-Maria’s latest book “Homonationalism”.

It’s an investigative book about new nationalistic thoughts being spread in “gayfriendly” times and about growing conservatism within the gay community. The book describes LGBTQ-rights developments through the 00’s in investigative form.

Anna-Maria has traveled around France, the Netherlands, Russia, Israel and Palestine and met nationalistic gay men, researchers and queer activists. The book attempts to give an answer to how the development in LGBTQ-rights happened, what forces are in circulation and what that says about the state of Europe today.

Anna-Maria points out that there is a tendency within most political parties to nurture a false consensus where everyone thinks that they’re in agreement, but under the surface there are still differences.

Another thing that’s talked about is that LGBTQ-issues can get appropriated and used as arguments for nationalism by nationalists. That’s a thing that’s worth taking into consideration this year before the election.

Text: Irene Buro