Foto: Giulia Troisi

What is crip? And where does a persons disability fit in in their place in society? This was discussed today at Unga Rörelsehindrade’s panel discussion at EuroPride on friday.

– We’re going to be a pimple on the ass of those in power, said Caroline Eriksson, moderator of the panel discussion as a response to a question about Unga Rörelsehindrade’d role in society.

Many different topics were covered during the discussion: sexuality, crip theory, power balance and lack thereof, language and abuse. All things that are important to discuss. They agreed that being a “pimple on the ass” is important because it’s easy to take disabled people’s rights away from them. Especielly when the cold right-wing winds are growing stronger.

Researcher and stage artist Christine Bylund got immersed in the distribution of power related to ability. Bylind spoke about why the MeToo-autumn last year was important. People with certain disabilites are extra vulnerable. It can be people who help them, like taxi drivers for example, but it can also be partners.

In spite of all of this, disabled people did not get the same kind of attention as other groups during MeToo. Christine Bylund claims that this has to do with the fact that these people are in a situation where they are dependent on others.

Text: Jennifer Ek Peter