Take queer fierceness, performance art and glamorous acts and add a bunch of false eyelashes. What do you get? One of the EuroPride 2018’s highlights; the Drag- and Burlesque Gala!

Tonight (friday) in EuroPride Park is the festivals big Drag- and Burlesque Gala. This years gala will offer international artists from, for example France and USA.

We’re about half and half, from Sweden and international, says Adam “Admira Thunderpussy” Risberg. There’ll be more dragtease this year and more burlesque and most importantly, more Jinkx Monsoon. She’s the headline superstar.

Jinkx Monsoon is the world famous winner of the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the big act of the night. Although it’s not what Risberg looks forward to the most.

– It’s the audience. I’m so used to working in Stockholm and there there’s a lot of people that see me all the time. The consensus is that they’ve already seen it all. But in Malmö and Gothenburg there’s a different kind of appreciation. And also in Gothenburg the park is open to everyone which means there’ll be more people in the audience.

To see EuroPride’s big Drag- and Burlesque Gala you should be in the EuroPride park at 8pm.

– I hope there’ll be a lot of people and that the tradition of drag and burlesque will keep going and that it’s handled as respectfully as possible, says Risberg.

Text: Niclas Jonasson