Foto: Giulia Troisi

One was a success at Stadsteatern with their one-person show. The other is an award-winning journalist from Syria. On friday Fredrik Apollo Asplund and Khaled Alesmael met on stage during EuroPride

Fredrik Apollo Asplund left their life as a “forest faggot” in Värmland and sought a new community in Stockholm. But things didn’t turn out the way they thought it would. After having studied at Balettskolan, Apollo left Sweden and ended up in New York. “The big apple” plays a big part in the book “Fröding dansade aldrig på bögklubb i Damaskus”

Damaskus plays a big part in Khaled Alesmael’s life. Alesmael was born in Syria and has won awards for work in radio and tv in Beirut, Amman, Kairo, Istanbul and Damaskus. After fleeing to Sweden he recieved permanent residency in 2015. His debut novel, Selamlik, is about him, through the fictitious character Furat, tries to understand war-torn Syria, the asylum accommodation in Åseda and life as a homosexual asylum-seeker in Europe.

Both Fredrik Apollo Asplund and Khaled Alesmael have sought new environments. Apollo looked for a gay familu and Alesmael looked for safety and freedom.

Text: Jennifer Ek Peter