Foto: Jessie Chen

Are Anna and Frida allowed to screw?

Was the title of a lecture held on friday at Artisten. The lecturers were Frida Ingha and Anna Hallgren. They met 11 years ago in thailand, both of them married with husbands. Eleven years have passed and a lot has changed. For some people it’s not apparent from the outside, but for others it’s completely obvious immidiately. Today their private relationship has changed, but what has stayed the same is their interest in how to have a full life whether or not you have a disability.

Frida Ingha has a background as a journalist and Anna Hallgren as socal worker and sexologist.

One question they posed was: “Do you have to live without sex because you’re in a wheelchair, or have another disability?” The answer is of course no, but you might have to depend on help from others.

From a legal perspective, a person who has the right to personal assistance has the rigt to get help with basic needs. To be able to follow this law, some guidelines would be needed to help the personal assistants so they know what to do and who does what etc. The lecturers say that those guidelines don’t exist in Sweden and they wish that they did.

It’s important to realise that just because you have a right, that doesn’t mean that your rights can be practised everywhere, with anyone, or all the time. Sometimes you have to wait until the right time, the right place.

If you want more you can look up their respective websites and

Oh, and if you’re still wondering if Anna and Frida are allowed to screw; the answer is yes. They can.

Text: Irene Buro