foto: Jacob Berging

In a small room at Artisten, Simon Thörn and Pontus Beskow-Borf from UNF (Sober Youths Association) held a discussion about the relationship between alcohol and LGBTQ. In a skilled manner they manged to get all of the audience involved and engaging in the conversation. They started with a round where people in the room introduced themselves with name, pronoun and why we were there. Something like that can feel awkward but Simon and Pontus managed to do it well and got us to work in groups. In small groups we discussed questions such as:

* What relations, according to you, are there between alcohol and LGBTQ?

* What are the reasons that the amount of people with alcohol abuse issues amongst LGBTQ people is higher than average?

* What role does alcohol play in the LGBTQ-world?

When it comes to alcohol consumption amongst LGBTQ-people, Socialstyrelsen have had research done and reported that hazardous consumption is especially common with women in marriages with other women. The report can be downloaded on their website and is called ”Psykisk ohälsa bland personer i samkönade äktenskap”.

Maybe you’ll get inspired to start a discussion about this with your friends, and why not do it over an alcohol free drink. That way you’ll remember what you talked about the day after. You can find UNF at and on social media. Maybe together you can work towards LGBT spaces that are fun and alcohol free.

Text: Irene Buro