Photo: Jennie Lindén

What kind of playlist should you put together for a cozy night with your loved ones? No worries, Finn Hellman provided a historical flashback to Swedens musical treasures with LGBT themes up until 1980. A lot of the artists from the list below might be familiar to you, but you may also find something new.

  1. 1968; 2 songs composed by Johnny Bode are released. Everything he did might not have been clean or politically correct by todays standards, but he realised that same sex couples had no music about them and so he wrote “Vi är inte som andra vi” and “Följ mig till min dröm-ö”. Curious? Until the 3rd of october a documentary about Johnny Bode is available for watch on SVT-play.
  2. 1971; Stefan Demert releases the song “Bertil and Sven” inspired by two cats wo in the song are described as humans.
  3. 1972; Anders F Rönnblom writes “Camillas sång” where the love between Camilla and Ann is described. The song inspired Annika Bengtsson to write her debut novel “Och natten är lång och svår”
  4. 1974; Tom Zacarias releases the song “Gay club”. Tom’s music can best be described as sexrock, like Eddie Meduza. Maybe not something for someone with sensitive ears.
  5. 1978; Jan Hammarlund releases “Sexualpolitiskt snack”, which was a response to a statement made by Frank Baude from KPML(r)
  6. 1978; Magnus Uggla sings “Åh han kysste mig” a cover of “And he kissed me” from 1963.
  7. 1979; Factory sings about “Sussie och Lena är kära i varann”. Where love meets such resistance from the surroundings that they unfortunately separate.
  8. 1979; Jan Hammarlund performs in Stockholm Gay Radio with “Ville”. The song is written when the age of sexual maturity was still 18 years old.
  9. 1980; StixQ are formed after Magnus Uggla’s tour in 1977 and they get a hit with Boyss. The song served as filmmusic to Ingmar Bergman’s film about Fårö.

Now you have a playlist to listen to whenever you feel like it. In the end of the lectura, Finn said that a treasure of music is still to be discovered within the lesbian feminist music. He mentioned Häxfeber and Kvinnoväsen

Text: Irene Buro