Photo: Sally Alm

The room at the city library is super crowded. The four actors get resounding applause after ter dramatic reading of the Queer Nation manifesto. The text is read in swedish with the english text in the background on a big screen. The actors, dressed in Silence=Death-shirts, are at first spread out in the audience.

They take turns to read the manifesto’s different stories as if they were their own. In a way they are their own stories, our own stories, echoes of stories that repeat themselves. But at the same time they are completely different stories than those queer people in sweden experience today: they are stories from New York during the AIDS-epidemic. In a time of growing homophobia where violence against queer people was on the rise and when sex between same sex people was still illegal in many states.

They hold each other, gently. They speak alternately to each other, alternately to the audience, yell out their frustration and laugh bitterly. They tell us about sorrow and encourage anger and political struggle.

“Feel some anger. If anger does not strengthen you, try fear. If that does not work, try panic. YELL IT OUT!”

Text: Freja Lindstedt