Photo: Amanda Karlsson

RuPaul’s drag race has, over the last couple of years, brought drag to pop culture. It’s become an ordinary part of every day chit chat. “Who had the best makeup? The best dress? Who threw the worst shade? Something that’s not on our tv-screens however, is drag the other way around, Drag Kings.

The organisation Lesbisk Makt (lesbian power), based in Gothenburg, made sure to do something about this by throwing one of their famous lesbian breakfasts with a drag king theme.

The room is filled with people drinking their morning coffee and having their vegan breakfast sandwich. First out on stage is No Offence who does a sexy and emotional number from Grease. Several performances follow and the last ones out are Juan De La Grande and No Offence as a duo performing “It Wasn’t Me”

Then there’s a panel discussions with all the performing drag queens and two others invited specially for the panel. They talk about how the Drag King-scene have grown over the last years with the help of facebook groups and communities for kings. The get a question about how the drag king-scene differs from the drag queen-scene. Everyone on the panel agrees that there’s a strong bromance amongst drag kings. People help each other, aren’t as critical and judgemental. They talk about how there’s a special kind of toxic masculinity within the drag queen scene that affects the art form. They compare it to a form of locker room talk.

The easiest way to try drag as a king is to join the facebook group “Dragsalongen”. People in there organise meetups where you can try it out and everyone is welcome. Everyone being welcome is the signature of the drag king-scene, warm and welcoming.

Text: Amanda Karlsson