What’s so special about culture festivals, like EuroPride/Kulturkalaset is that one finds culture that one might never have otherwise had the opportunity to experience. Yes, I admit that I knew nothing of Ivan Coyote before the night of the 16th of august, but it became an acquaintance that will be long if I have anything to say about it.

The colourful language paints a picture of Ivan sitting on a couch watching the royal wedding between Charles and Diana. The commentator says that “every little girl in the entire world wants to be Diana” and Ivan realised that he very much did not. He didn’t want to do what most girls wanted to do and this left him with a feeling of being alone in the world. These days, Ivan doesn’t shed any tears over this and through his stories it’s apparent that he is and has been surrounded by a large and supportive family.

The pictures that Ivan paints is like a procession of grandmothers with knitted scarves around their shoulders. They give solid advice and sturdy help on the way. There are all of these beautiful, young, fierce, strong-willed women with their long manes of hair that Ivan remembers fondly. There is Donna and Therese who played hockey, just like Ivan. There is Caroline, who played Lou Reeds “Walk on the wild side”. There is calloused hands, soft cheeks and tight jeans.

Ivan’s grandmother is 91 years old now and has with her old age become less harsh and wants more hugs. When Ivan visited her one winter day in her room at the hospital, the old woman burst out rambling about how beautiful her little boy was. It sounded much better when Ivan told it. One could almost hear how Ivan’s voice was filled with love and respect for the old lady.
Ivan also said that his dream about his own old age is a big family dinner where the relatives at the end of the dinner asks Ivan to tell them a story and he will.

Ivan Coyote is a canadian author with 11 published books, he’s made 4 short films, he teaches, performs, yes the list is pretty long. You can find him online, twitter, facebook, instagram, blog and other social medias that I don’t know. Personally i’m going to start with the books and maybe some youtube. Because unluckily enough, I don’t belong to Ivan’s family, so no night time stories with him after dinner for me.

Text: Irene Buro