That Gothenburg is an old city with a long and exciting history has probably not surpassed anyone. But the city’s queer history is not at all as known.

Since 1604, when Gothenburg was first built, the city has gone through a series of big events. Right in the middle of history there’s been queer people, something that this city walking tour wants to shine a light on. A walking tour that tells a different story about Gothenburg and the people who have lived here

One of them is Elfrida Andrée. A lesbian women’s rights activist who was educated in trades normally reserved for men and worked in them.
First as a cathedral organist. She made sure that there was a law-change that made it possible for women to be organists.

Before she died she also managed to educate herself and work as a telegraph operator – another profession unavailable to women at that time.
With the right view – and the right guide – Gothenburg can reveal a lot about Sweden’s queer history.

Text: Jennifer Ek Peter