Within Västra Götalandsregionen right now there’s a developmental effort being made to make primary healthcare available for trans people. Närhälslan, RFSL and Kunskapscentrum för Jämlik Vård organised a Q&A about it at Artisten.

Although other groups under the LGBTQ-umbrella have seen progress with healthcare, transcare has been held back. Närhälsan, RFSL and Kunskapscentrum för Jämlik Vård wants to change this through their developmental work Cure the healthcare cistem.

he goal is to create accessible primary healthcare for trans people. The developmental work is based in research but they also use experiences and needs from trans people. People who identify as trans partake in the work and that’s why it can be used to better integrate with the daily work at health- and youth centers and other parts of primary healthcare.

Besides being able to give the right kind of healthcare it’s also important to make the people who seek help with primary healthcare feel safe and that they’re being treated by people who will treat them well.

An example that was given during the Q&A is that trans people should have the right not to be misgendered within primary healthcare.
Text: Jennifer Ek Peter