EuroPride 2018 Gothenburg

A EuroPride is not a regular pride festival – it’s bigger, more festive and provides space to to highlight the lives of LGBTQ+ people and lift more important issues that not only concern Sweden but the rest of Europe and the world. In addition to that, we collaborate with the Gothenburg Culture Festival that takes place at the same time we appear in each other’s programs and on each other’s stages. With a larger festival with more to see and more to do, it’s a lot to think about. But here you have some useful information and tips on how to take on the festival week in the best way possible!

Information Centers

We have two Information Centers that can help you answer all the questions about the festival and everything around it. One Infomation Center in Nordstan opens August 6th and is open throughout the festival and one Information Center at Milleniumplatsen (to the right of the Stora Teatern) which we share with the Gothenburg Culture Festival is open during the festival week.

At the Information Centers you will find the program, our free festival bracelet, which gives half the price of the program items that takes an entrance fee and discount at a bunch of shops, salons, museums and cafes that made offers together with EuroPride 2018.

Read about where the festival bracelet gives a discount here.

The program

The entire program for EuroPride 2018 Göteborg is available in Swedish and English, on our web where you can filter by day, place, category of activity and search for free text. The program is also found in our program magazine, which we publish together with Metro, our media partner. There you will also find the program for the Gothenburg Culture Festival which takes place at the same time as EuroPride 2018 Gothenburg – double the fun! Every day during the festival there is the daily program in today’s Metro paper that you will find at all bus and tram stops around town. You’ll find the program here.

EuroPride House 

EuroPride House is located in the area around Götaplatsen at Stadsbiblioteket, Riksarkivet and Artisten. There you can attend about 200 seminars, lectures, performances, workshops, debates and exhibitions.

  • Stadsbiblioteket (The City Library), Götaplatsen 3 Göteborg
  • Riksarkivet (The National Archives), Arkivgatan 9 Gothenburg
  • Artisten (Academy of Music and Drama), Fågelsången 1 Göteborg

EuroPride Park

EuroPride Park is located on Kungstorget in the heart of Gothenburg. There you can hang out, meet new people and experience new things. In the park we have EuroPride Park Stage where you can enjoy an exciting stage program every day during the festival. In the park you will find 40 exhibitors to visit and Valand´s restaurant area for something to eat and drink.

EuroPride Park at Kungstorget opening hours:

  • Tuesday – Thursday 12.00-24.00
  • Friday – Saturday 12.00-01.00
  • Sunday 12.00-19.00

Official Nightclubs

When the day turnes to night, do not miss our official parties where the festival continues until the sun rises at Clarion Post Hotel, Valand, Gretas and BeeBar. Check out the program for mor information on each party. With the festival bracelet you get a minimum of 50% discount on the entrance fee to the parties.

EuroPride Parade
EuroPride Parade takes place on Saturday, August 18th. The parade starts at Heden and ends at Götaplatsen. By participating, we can together manifest for equal rights and a divirse and inclusive society of all people, free from prejudice and discrimination around the world, not just in Sweden. Don’t forget a water bottle and sunscreen if it gets hot.

  • Gathering at Heden 14.30
  • Parade starts 15.30

EuroPride 2018 Official Closing Ceremony

After the parade arrives to the Götaplatsen the EuroPride 2018 Official Closing Ceremony will be held with speakers, musical performances and the handing over of the hosting of EuroPride to Vienna Pride, which will host EuroPride 2019. It will be NRJ in the Park goes EuroPride and the evening ends with a unique concert with the icons Boy George & Cultur Club.

  • 17.30 NRJ in the Park goes EuroPride
  • 20.30 EuroPride 2018 Official Closing Ceremony
  • 21.15 Boy George & Culture Club

Human Rights Conference

A Human Rights Conference at Världskulturmuseet will take place between 12.00-17.00 on Friday, August 17. The conference has an international focus and works as a hub for exchanging ideas and expertise. Take part in the many seminars and talks during the day. For more information and details see the program. The conference is held i English.

  • 17 augusti kl. 12.00-17.00, Världskulturmuseet, Södra vägen 54

Think about the environment!

EuroPride 2018 together with the Gothenburg Culture Festival is a sustainable event. This means that we are extra strict with everything that concerns the environment and the event. For example, all waste produced by the festival is recycled och we aim to use single-use items as little as possible.

Flyers and other items like that may not be distributed. There are many ways that you as a visitor can help. We have the world’s best water right out of the tap – do the environment a favor and bring a water bottle and fill it on any of the water posts that are located around town.

If you are looking to try some exciting food from Valand’s restaurant area in EuroPride Park or from the food trucks on Basargatan – bring your own food box from home and save unnecessary waste and get 10% off when you buy food!


The venues at EuroPride House that we offer to our organizers are accessible by wheelchair, electric wheelchair, accessible toilets and audio loop sets. At the festival areas Göteplatsen, Liseberg´s big stage and EuroPride Park ramp are availeble and accessible toilets.

For the festival to be as enjoyable as possible, we provide a pool of accompanying persons if you need assistans or company to attend a program item. Several of our program items are audio descripted and sign language interpretered, they are marked with the corresponding symbol in the program magazine or filter the program on the web.  E-mail [email protected] if you need accompanying.