Photo: Pelle Jansson

EuroPride Parade 2018 Stockholm attracted many spectators, sections, flags, glitter dresses, ballons, and of course the seriousness the Pride festivals stands for.

Stockholm’s Pride Parade is Scandinavia’s largest. This year was no exception, with about 250 floats and hundreds thousands of spectators. This year, Stockholm Pride and West Pride join under the EuroPride flag, which means that the festival has attracted many international visitors.

Broke all records

Photo: Pelle Jansson

The EuroPride Parade Stockholm broke all records with an estimated amount of 55 000–60 000 participants along the road between City Hall and EuroPride Park at Östermalm’s IP. When the first float of the parade reached Östermalm’s IP, half of the floats were still waiting to start from the City Hall. All and all, the march was three hours and 15 minutes long from start to finish.

Togetherness, party and rights

The spectacular parade is the highlight of the festival for many visitors. It stands for togetherness and party but it is also a very important standpoint for people’s equal value and rights. It is a chance for people to show who they are and an opportunity to show solidarity with their fellow human beings.

Photo: Pelle Jansson

A float that took this opportunity was Proud parents of LGBT children, who were well received by the audience for their commitment and love for their LGBT children – young as well as adults. The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and five other party leaders from the Swedish Parliament also participated in the parade.

Photo: Pelle Jansson

LGBTQ people’s rights were in focus during the march. Marching for those who can’t, who walked in the parade on behalf of those who did not have the opportunity, were met with great appreciation by the audience. The parade also included a flag manifestation that showed countries where there is still not enough legal protection for LGBTQ people.

Diploma for best sections

The Wad Girls. Photo: Olav Holten

Every year, the parade announcers select one of the sections how they think has stand out. This year the winner was The Wad Girls in their crazy good looking dresses. The people also selects one section by a voting, and the winner was Priscillas.

To all of you who watched the parade live or on TV, to all of you who marched with us, or and to all of you who wanted to march but couldn’t, we say Happy Pride, and thank you!