Photo: Nils Carmel

The Schlager evening was as colourful and successful as usual with both Swedish and international artists participating. They truly gave the audience a cavalcade of hits. And the audience knew the lyrics as well as the artists themselves.

Eleni Foureira. Photo: Göran Wagneklev/PP Press

Eleni Foureira, who came on second place in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, finished the Schlager evening with the song Fuego with enthusiastic energy. She was excited to appear in EuroPride Park Stockholm which no one here could have missed. It was the perfect end of a perfect evening. And the evening gave us a lot of hits to dance and sing to.

Pernilla and Sofia. Photo: Olav Holten

Nanne Grönvall. Photo: Olav Holten

EuroPride Park where crowded, and at 8 pm everyone turned their eyes towards the Great Stage and the Schlager evening – which became a real gala evening. Pernilla Wahlgren and Sofia Wistam took us through the program. The first part included Nanne Grönvall, Magnus Carlsson, ArvingarnaNano and Dotter.

Lill-Babs at Stockholm Pride 2016. Foto: Olav Holten

During the first act, Kristin Kaspersen also entered the stage, where she held a speech about Barbro Lill-Bab’s Svensson, dressed in her mother’s clothes. It was a powerful and emotional moment together with the fans, full of tears, memories and love.

Saara Aalto. Photo: Nils Carmel

We took a break at EuroPride Park to load up with some energy and long for the next half of the show. Linus Wahlgren made a contribution as presenter and picked up Saara Aalto, Finland’s Eurovision-star. In a shining silver dress she sang her monster hit, ”Monster”. And the crowde went wild when the fabulous Kati Wolf entered the stage.

Jessica Andersson and Oscar Zia. Photo: Olav Holten

Even some of the most popular artists from the Swedish Melodifestivalen invited to a show. Wiktoria, Robin BengtssonHerreys and Robin Stjernberg. One of Swedens biggest Schlager queens, Jessica Andersson sang a duet with Oscar Zia.

Lena Katina. Photo: Göran Wagneklev/PP Press

A lovely reunion took place when one half of the pop duo t.A.t.U, Lena Katina, reunited with her fans sang the hit from year 2003, All the thing she said. And all we can say is thank you for the music, Schlager evening!


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All photos: Göran Wagneklev/PP Press