Ebbe Harder is one of Sweden’s most conscious dragqueens, leading stylists and a fashion wizard. Schooled in classical drag show, Ebbe has now broken free from old patterns to bend the concept of ”genus” to its utmost. Because one thing is certain: Ebbe is a dragqueen that has too much fashion sense for one gender!

During Euro Pride 2018 Stockholm, Ebbe Harder invites you to an open discussion about norms, gender and fashion. During today’s show, Ebbe holds a dialogue about how humans are stuck in patterns about the shape and appearance of clothes and how they affect our everyday lives. How our society is organized according to our perceptions of ”truths” based on gender structure. Concepts of heteronormative expressions are questioned and turned inside and out. An experimental approach to gender is encouraged and a discussion about the role of the fashion industry will be held. The audience is invited to be part of the conversation, commenting and laughing.

With the heart in the right place, close to laughter, and the foundation of serious subjects, Ebbe Harder lead you through the day at the rainbow stage in EuroPride Park.

Date: August 3
Time: 14.00 – 00.00
Venue: : EuroPride Park by Östermalms IP
Tickets: europride2018.com/stockholm/