Photo: Tomas Persson

Friday gives us plenty of happenings and activities all around Stockholm. In EuroPride House The Swedish Prison and Probation Service is one of the organizers how will hold a seminar. In EuroPride Park we give you Medborgarbandet, Wigstockholm and Kornél Kovács. Something one should not miss during Friday is the Human Rights Conference held in EuroPride House, where all debates are in English.

Photo: Julius Lindblom

Bee Bailey in EuroPride House

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service will talk about their efforts to become LGBTQ certified, and the british police will talk about how their work to make trans people visible within law enforcement. As well as a lecture on how sexual education can be taught in a norm critical way in schools.

Photo: Thomas Persson

The human body in art

At The Thiel Gallery, the exhibition Nakenakter is showing. Consisting of three artists who have all portrayed the human body in different ways, one of the artist by having a naked model performing an act and then striking a pose. The exhibition aims to give you a new perspective on the tradition of nude performances as well as using the human body in art.

Meetings over food, in costumes or on the dancefloor

During the day the annual poly picnic will be held in a park behind EuroPride Park Stockholm, at 3 pm. QueerCon marches on to its second day at Brygghuset, which focuses on the meeting between LGBTQ and gaming. The convention offers a range of activities for anyone interested in games, roleplaying, LARPs and more.

The night provides the perfect opportunity for anyone how want to dance; Detox Icunt from Rupaul’s Drag Race will be performing at Guldrummet, while EuroPride at Butcher’s Church will be hosting a huge party with multiple DJs and dancefloors.

Secret guests and drag queens

In EuroPride Park we will see the collective Medborgarbandet, founded by Nina Persson, most known from The Cardigans, and Gudrun Hauksdottir. The group consists of amazingly talented musicians who together create everything from rap to electronic, and has been described as “a cure for limitations”. As the cherry on top, the band brings a secret guest to every performance!

Photo: Nils Carmel

Later at night Leo.B gives us Wigstockholm, a show with drag queens, high heels race, and guests The Magnettes and Annika Ljungberg from Rednex, famed for their hit song Cotton Eye Joe.

Get yourself a laugh

We also welcome a DJ ranked as one of the best in the world by the acclaimed magazine Mixmag, the talented Kornél Kovács. At 10 PM he takes the stage along with singer Fredrik “Apollo” Asplund. There will also be a drop in wedding and a show by the comedian James Lorien MacDonald.

Photo: Katriina Mäkinen

Human Rights Conference

As a part of EuroPride 2018 two human Rights Conferences are held, the first one in Stockholm on Friday. The seminars and debates takes place in EuroPride House and they are all in english. It is also free to participate.