Photo: Olav Holten

Seriousness and glamour was mixed in a colourful joy during the opening of EuroPride 2018. The festival is now officially open!

Photo: Julius Lindblom

But the day started long before the park opened in the afternoon. At EuroPride House, seminars were held all day. A mix of book conversations, important discussions and the legendary Snuskbingot. EuroPride City started the day with a pool party, the of to some cultural events and ended late at night with all the parties and people dancing in Stockholm.

Photo: Olav Holten

The Swedish award winning actress, Saga Becker, led the audience through the Opening ceremony. This years opening speakers, the Olympic gold medallist Anja Pärson and the former football star Pia Sundhage spoke honestly and inspiring about why Pride is important and what it means to them. Pia Sundhage got the audience to cheer up when concluding by singing ”I won´t back down”.

Traditionally the song ”Over the Rainbow” was sang by Markus Krunegård together with Stockholm Gay Choir, in remembrance of all who have lost their lives.

Photo: Thomas Persson

DJ Gunn Lundemo together with Jasmine KaraThe Choir – by ABBA the Museum and Lovers of Valdaro made the evening even more joyful. A big surprise came when Tove Styrke entered the stage. Tove Styrke recently arrived from a big tour together with Katy Perry. She pumped up the atmosphere to an unforgettable EuroPride Park evening in Stockholm.

Photo: Olav Holten