Sing a-long Opera, Schlager Evening and coming-out-chat with dream duo Aleksa Lundberg and Mian Lodalen. These are some of the highlights from Thursday’s EuroPride program.

A big bag of candy for all music lovers

For music lovers EuroPride is a big bag of candy for different tastes. Last year’s celebrated success Spoken Word is back. The audience can expect intensive and stimulating performances by a variety of artists and poets lead by the artist, writer and transgender activist Yolanda Bohm. We get the chance to use our full vocal range when Rickard Söderberg, Anne Sofie Otter and the rest of the ensemble brings us along for the ride in P2 Opera sing-a-long.

Glitter and sparks at the Schlager evening

EuroPride Park will sparkle and shine when the Schlager evening starts, featuring about 15 artists from the Swedish pre-Eurovision song contest and the Eurovision song contest, with this year’s runner-up Eleni Foureira.

Coming-out chat and political debates at EuroPride House

EuroPride House is also packed with treats for the visitors, actress Aleksa Lundberg and writer Mian Lodalen talks about her first love and coming out of the closet. With only a few weeks remaining until the parliamentary elections, RFSL invites the visitors to a political debate with migration policy spokespersons and politicians.

Dragrace making drag shows mainstreem

In P1 Culture – From Underground to Family Entertainment – What happens when the gay culture becomes mainstream? P1 Culture shines a light on Reality Series RuPauls Dragrace, which has won the majority of prizes and made the drag show culture mainstreem, featuring Per Öhagen and Admira Thunderpussy.

EuroPride takes over Stockholm with City tours, QueerCon and parties

For EuroPride visitors there are also City events all around Stockholm city. In Hidden History both native Stockholmers and visiting globetrotters will be able to go on a city tour through Old Town with gay highlights. QueerCon is a fantasy come true for those who love live action role playing, board games and everything that’s queer and nerdy. At Tap Room the official EuroPride 2018 DJ Gunn Lundemo presents some of Sweden’s and the world’s greatest LGBTQ artists at the mother of all parties.


Photo: Alf Kjeller