Photo: Olav Holten

During Tuesday the building of EuroPride Park has almost been completed and we’re prepared to receive all lovely visitors tomorrow; our volunteers have worked hard in the heat and we’ve all been drinking a lot of water. At EuroPride House, where it is nice and cool, visitors have been able to participate in panel discussions about writing and politics and meet the embassy of Argentine. Later in the evening, brave runners defied the hot weather for a good cause at Run for Pride.

Foto: Pelle Jansson

EuroPride House

Fredrik Apollo Asplund, Joel Mauricio Isabel Ortiz, Saga Becker and Anna Ahlund discussed writing as a political weapon. How can literature helt oss strive for and protect a more open and allowing society where there’s room for everyone, when Sweden is facing the most important election in decades.

The Ombudsman of Discrimination informed about the right to equal treatment for same sex couples when confirming parenthood and the embassy of Argentine told us about their work with LGBTQ rights, as they were the first among Latin American countries to legalise same sex marriages and shortly thereafter instituted one of the most progressive laws protecting transgender rights in the world.

Photo: Pelle Jansson

City Events

Run for Pride, a fund raising run, whose earnings will go to organisations working for LGBTQ rights, took place and a lot of brave people defied the heat and run from five or ten miles. This was the second time Run for Pride was held in Stockholm.

Tomorrow Wednesday EuroPride Park will trow open the fares and we celebrate this with an open ceremony. Please come early, as the opening day usually have long queues and remember to drink a lot of water. We’ll see you there!