Fotograf: Julia Dansarie

Järva Filmfestival is now back with its celebrated outdoor filmfestival, take the chance to watch some of this year’s hottest movies, as well as deep artfilms in a cosy environment. This year we will be able to see Paddington 2, Black Panther, I morgon börjar allt, and more. And take the oppertunity to see the documentary Silvana – Väck mig när ni vaknat, about the Swedish rapper Silvana Imam. And she herself will visit!

We at EuroPride are proud partners to Järva Filmfestival, the film festival was established in 2013 and residents in Järva votes on which movies to show. Free face painting and other outdoor activities will also be offered at the festival.

The festival is between 1 – 7 of august, and is located at Spånga IP. The festival is completely free of charge and of course everyone is welcome!