Looking for a little more rainbow? At EuroPride Park you will be able to stuff it in your face! Matfiskarna (a Swedish company) have donated 3000 servings of rainbow to EuroPride Stockholm. That’s  half a tonne of fish, folks! You will be able to buy rainbow in all restaurants in EuroPride Park. For each portion, 10 kronor is donated to the Stockholm Pride Solidarity Fund, which supports Pride festivals outside of Sweden, which themselves are unable to arrange their celebration or other activities without financial or political support.

We want to support the LGBTQ movement because we share their view of openness, tolerance, awareness and optimism about the future. More and more people are aware of the importance of ethical, healthy and environmentally safe protein, and that Sweden must have a sustainable food production. Of course, we want everyone to try the incredibly good fish, grown in Swedish clean waters, says Matfiskodlarna.

The rainbow is one of the symbols most clearly associated with the fight for LGBTQ rights. That’s why it’s especially fun that we can offer our visitors rainbow while we can support the international LGBTQ movement together, said Emilia Wikström Melin, Vice President of Stockholm Pride.