What does Pride mean to you?
For me, Pride is a forum where the entire LGBTQ-community can meet and be who we are without the need to explain or defend ourselves. Pride is a meeting place and a free zone. For me, Pride is also two weeks I get to spend with 700 other volunteers, many of them are returning year after year, and several of them have become close friends.

Your best Pride memory?
My best memory from Pride is the establishment of Pride Park. The anticipation before the week and the practical work that enables everything that will later happen in the park. To be a part of it and see it all come together, it’s amazing.

What do you most look forward to with EuroPride 2018?
The EuroPride House and the Human Rights Conference, with a more international focus. I hope for more visitors, more meetings, and more debates where more people feel represented.


Photo: Olav Holten