Photo: Julius Lindblom

EuroPride House opened it’s doors. At the opening ceremony Maria Jern, chief executive for EuroPride House, Gunilla Söderström, head of the Sales Department at Kulturhuset, and the President and Vice President of Stockholm Pride, Britta Davisohn and Emilia Wikström Melin, welcomed the audience. Suzanne Osten was awarded with a scholarship from Haacan Fagerström Memorial Fund for Homosexual Culture and Information.

EuroPride House

EuroPride House kickstarted the first day with a range of seminars, talks and activities, QueerNördarna told us why the LGBTQI-world should become more nerdier, the talk centering around the queer and nerd identities, how they are linked and how they differ. Riksidrottsförbundet, the Swedish Sports Federation held a panel discussion about their work on making sports in Sweden more inclusive, what they have done so far and what still needs to be done.

Other topics included climate change, healthcare for trans people, and legal advice.

City Events

StaDemonia Tattoo in Kungsholmen started their Queer Tattoo series, where they have invited multiple queer tattoo artists, and offer anyone with a queer motif a discount! The offer is valid for the entire week. StaDemonia Tattoo is also the location for London-artist Rudy Loewe’s exhibition “I Am The Night Sky”, which also had its premiere today. “I Am The Night Sky” focuses on gender, sexuality, race and mental health and the exhibition will run until the end of September.

In another part of town, and for the first time in Sweden, Jesus Christ Superstar was played by a predominately female cast! The show took place in the beautiful Hall of Eric Ericson, the former church being the perfect venue for this iconic rock musical.