Photo: Olav Holten

EuroPride 2018 started on Friday in Kungsträdgården. The kickoff was arranged together with the festival “Putte i Parken”, where Gladys del Pilar, Evelina Olsén, and the world’s first all girl rock band, the Plommons, were some of the artists performing in the warm evening sun. EuroPride Park is being built, and in EuroPride House the preparations are ongoing as well, and all should be set for the opening of EuroPride House. We are looking forward to the opening, as well as all the Pride events throughout Stockholm.

EuroPride House 

Monday, 30 July, at 12:30pm. The doors are opened to EuroPride House 2018 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern at Sergels torg. The day starts with an opening ceremony with opening speeches by Gunilla Söderström from Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, as well as the President and Vice President of Stockholm Pride, Britta Davidsohn and Emilia Wikström Melin. The Haacan Fagerström scholarship for gay culture and information, is also going to be awarded.

At 1pm, the other venues at EuroPride House will be filled seminars, and talks. During the day, the Swedish Sports federation will arrange a panel on norms within the world of sports, the QueerNerds discuss why the LGBTIQ world should be nerdier, and Radiokorrespondenterna at the public radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio broadcasts live talks about the situation for lgbt people in the Middle East.

EuroPride House is open from Monday 30 July to Friday 3 August, between 12 noon and 6pm. Several events recur over several days. EuroPride Ung has several activities for younger visitors all the days, and Folkets juristbyrå offers legal advice.

During the Tuesday, the Swedish chamber of commerce will arrange a talk about government reimbursement to trans people who were forced to be sterilized as a requirement for their procedure. RFSL hosts a panel that looks into what similarities there are between Sami fight for rights, and he fight for lgbt rights. During Thursday, Swedavia Airports (Swedish Airport Authority) will shine light on the problems that arise from the fact that two thirds of the lgbtq community chooses to move and study in cities where they believe they will be accepted. Friday holds a debate between party leaders of Swedish political parties with representation in the parliament. Friday also sees the Human Rights Conference in EuroPride House, with organizations and political parties organizing seminars and talks from a European lgbtq perspective.

Photo: Pelle Jansson
EuroPride Park

EuroPride Park opens on Wednesday, 1 August, with the big opening ceremony, led by actress and activist Saga Becker. With her on stage are athletes and opening speakers Anja Pärson and Pia Sundhage, Markus Krunegård who performs The Rainbow Song, THE CHOIR by ABBA The Museum, and many more.

On Thursday in EuroPride Park, visitors can enjoy the P2 Opera sIng-a-long on the grand stage, before the Schlager Night, which begins at 8pm. Medborgarbandet will perform on Friday, followed by DJ Kornél Kovács, and WIGstockholm. After the EuroPride Parade on Saturday, the Park closes with among others Conchita, Arrhult, Ionnalee, and Niello. Alcazar will also give a unique concert during the closing night.

Every day in EuroPride Park will also see activities in the Kinky Quarter, as well as the Rainbow Scene. Many of the restaurants in the park have their own DJ’s, and the exhibitors will fill their tents with talks and activities. As for food, there will be pizza,burgers(meat and veggie), oysters, and a lot more on the menu. There will of course be non-alcoholic alternatives in the bars.

Photo: Olav Holten

EuroPride Parade

On Saturday, 4 August, the EuroPride Parade will transform the city to a big manifestation of love on its way from the city hall on Kungsholmen, to EuroPride Park at Östermalms IP. The Pride Parade in Stockholm is the largest in Scandinavia, and is expected to be even bigger this year. It usually takes two hours for the first floats to reach EuroPride Park. As previous years, the spectators will be able to vote for their favorite among the 250 parade floats.

City Events

During EuroPride 2018, Stockholm is teeming with events that celebrate Pride. There will be picnics, preschools, tattoos, and seminars and a lot more.