What does Pride mean to you?
Pride is both celebration and seriousness. Just like life. We have debates and seminars at EuroPride House, we have gala and glitter with music in the EuroPride Park and we manifest in the EuroPride Parade. Personally, Pride is an opportunity for me to give back to the movement how have and still does fight for both my children to have the same rights.

What will you be doing during EuroPride?
I started as a House volounteer 6 years ago. This year, I am the chief executive for EuroPride House Stockholm.

What’s the best thing working with EuroPride and Stockholm Pride?
The very best is that I’m doing these festivals with my friends and all the visitors. And also, all of us volunteers giving our spare time to create the largest Pride festival in Scandinavia, that’s beautiful.

What should one not miss during EuroPride 2018?
If you are a first-time visitor, don’t miss EuroPride House, which is opening tomorrow. And of course, the big parade. Following over 50 000 people who manifest love and everyone’s equal value gives me goose bumps even telling you about it.