What does Pride mean for you?
Pride for me means party and politics in a lovely combination. We are simply the best in the world on blending joy and all these serious parts together – no one else can party like crazy and do it with a raised fist. That’s what makes Pride unique and creates a similar feeling all over the world.

What is your first Pride memory?
Well, I participated when we in Stockholm had our first liberation demonstration on the 80’s, that’s how old I am. But my first Pride memory is also from Stockholm’s first EuroPride 1998. On Skansen, me and Anna-Lena Brundin had the honour to be conferenciers. Afterwards we stumble of the stage with Dana International how just had won Eurovision Song Contest that year. I was hig as a house – completely without drugs.

And what will you be doing during EuroPride Stockholm this year?
The sequel to my novel ”First Night” will be released now just in time to Pride. It’s called ”Vi två mot världen” and it is a coming out-story. I will be at the Rainbow stage in EuroPride Park talking about it, and also in EuroPride House. And between that I will probably grab a glass of champagne, or two.

Which is the best spot to take a date to in Stockholm?
Djurgården. Kulturhusterassen. Fotografiska. Mälarpaviljongen. Bitter pills. Hermans for the vegigterians with a view over the water and Skeppsholmen. Bring a blanket, strawberrys and champagne and enjoy the sunset up on the ”gay-hill”, Skinnarviksberget. Or take a drink on lesbian own Whippet Lab in the gay-neighbourhoods on Södermalm. Bring a toast for the legend Greta Garbo how was born and raised a couple of blocks from there.