What does Pride mean to you?
It’s a reminder of what we, together, have established together since 1980, when I participated in my first liberation demonstration. But it’s also a reminder that the liberties and rights we have won, are never as threatened as when we start taking them for granted – the fight for tolerance and humanity, is something we must take every day.

Who is your LGBTQ role model?
For me, role models are heroes from this journey – from the liberation week to today’s Pride festivals – Jon Voss, Sten Pettersson, Mian Lodalen, Pia Sundhage, Pamela Leal Vinals, Johan Falk, Hasse Ytterberg, only to mention a few. And of course, a couple of “absent friends” – Magnus, Håkan, Janne, Benny and Nola.

Your best Pride memory?
The first time the Pride Parade passed Hornsgatan below the Maria Church, it was packed with people on the lawn and on the hill – it was a powerful experience.

What should one not miss during EuroPride 2018?
EuroPride Park with the QX tent, and the Champagne bar!