Mian Lodalen, born 1962, is a feminist and Swedish LGBTIQ icon. She has done debates on tv, organized demonstrations, and direct actions, each time with the unmistakable goal to change society to the better for all of us.

Accessible literature has become increasingly important to Lodalen. She made her debut as an author of accessible literature in 2017 with the novel “Första natten” (First Night), published by Vilja förlag. Now the sequel has arrived in the bookshops.

Ever since Lodalen started writing in more accessible Swedish, she has met more readers, and she has realized the importance of making literature accessible to an even wider audience.

– I have always loved reading, and appreciated its importance to democracy and human rights the universal right of people to have access to their culture, art and literature, presupposes that everyone has access to books and art. More than a million people in Sweden have difficulties reading and understanding the articles in a newspaper.

“Första natten” tells the vibrant story about first love. It is a novel about the exciting feeling of finding someone who turns everything you know upside down.

The sequel, “Vi två mot världen” (The two of us against the world), tells about the amazing feeling that is love, but also about the problems. Mandis patience is almost up. But Linda is afraid of coming out. She worries about what people might say and think, about how her parents will react. At the same time she doesn’t want to lose Mandi.

– “Första natten” and “Vi två mot världen” are the two accessible novels about a same sex couple. I’m very happy to fill this gap, says Lodalen.

Event in Swedish.

Date: 3 August
Time: 7:15pm – 8pm
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