Scandinavia’s largest Pride Parade takes place in Stockholm, and this year, during EuroPride 2018 Stockholm, it is expected to be even bigger. To get more people to participate in the parade, SplayOne has produced the film ”Why I Walk” (in Swedish ”därför går jag”). Ambassador for the film and the campaign #DärförGårJag is the youtuber Jakob @Detvarmindag Andersson. He is also today’s Pride Voice.

What has the work with the campaign #DärförGårJag meant to you?
Extremely much, since the internet has been a place where I outed my life, my sexuality, my past relationship and experiences with years of bullying in my luggage – a place where I received so much love from my amazing followers! I am reminded every day of how grateful I am to have my ”internet family” that supports me, and to hear how proud they are that I am an ambassador for Stockholm Pride and EuroPride this year, that means incredibly much to me. And if I can in some way inspire a single person to dare come out, accept his or her sexuality, or hold his or her partner’s hand in public, my fight has been worth every day. Every step.

And what does Pride mean to you?
Pride for me is love! But also a form of active stand for the right to love whoever you want. Luckily, many can take this for granted, but there are still many places where we still have a good way to go!

What is your first Pride Memory?
My very first Pride memory is actually just a few years ago. I stood on Hamngatan in Stockholm and looked at the Parade and was filled with love. I understood then, that in this ”train” of people there is so much love, respect and big hearts that just want one thing – to love. And be loved. And just proudly take your partner’s hand without judging or mean comments. It is so incredibly powerful to be a part of Pride and see and feel that love!

We do not go to the parade for just our own sake, but we also go for all who is no longer with us or who don’t have the opportunity, and this is one of the things that are brought up in the film. The film also includes Harris Lukeman, Samuel Berggren and Louise Lillrud.