Robert Fux is a drag artist, actor and one of Sweden’s most exciting and unique performing artists who moves between different genres and worlds. As a queen of the night Robert belongs to the permanent ensemble at the Stockholm City Theater and over the years has been recognised in several queer role interpretations. In 2014 he was awarded the Medea prize with the nomination ”A world citizen who highly enriches the Swedish performing arts life and gives more dimensions to the concept of diversity.” This autumn he plays the part as the heroine Marta Althaus in the monologue ”Down with weapons!”, premier at the Stockholm City Theater at the end of August. 
”I feel that Pride is needed more than ever in a world of fear and distancing. Going to Gothenburg and hosting Saturday´s stage programme feels really powerful, honorable and great. My dream is that we create an infinitely sparkling sea of love at Götaplatsen that echoes past all limits.”
Photo: Jonas Norén