What does Pride mean to you?
To me, Pride stands for all men’s equal value regardless of sex, identity or sexual orientation. This means to me that we get the right to define or not define on the basis of your own mind and will, but also the freedom to join and love who you want. Pride opens up and gives us the opportunity to share the human diversity and at the same time celebrate and pay tribute to it!

What will you be doing during EuroPride?
I have not really checked the schedule for EuroPride yet. But last year, Stockholm had some amazing girl-parties, which I suspect also will be arranged this year? So, I think I am going on some of them. And the parade of course! I will certainly be in the city much more both daytime and evening under EuroPride. Stockholm gets so much better under pride!

What is your first Pride memory?
My first Pride memory is from 2011, when I was invited to ride on Fotografiskas flak in the parade. It was incredibly powerful, fun and festive! Last year I went to the parade with some friends, and I thought it was incredibly fun! It’s really a folk festival, and you feel so much joy and love, so the whole experience itself is amazing. I have friends who have experienced incredibly powerful and fun things under pride, and I hope I’ll to also get a ”for life” memory under pride this year.

Where do you go and have a drink in Stockholm?
Perhaps sounds like a cliché, but Secret Garden is a popular and great place! Good location, dance-friendly music and mixed clientele.