What does Pride mean to you?
It is the best and most important week of the year. Think about what all the Pride festivals and weeks of liberation in Stockholm made to make the LGBTQ community appear and raise important questions, both big and small. And now it’s spread around Sweden, where more and more towns have their own pride festival.

What will you be doing this year during EuroPride?
I will work as a photographer for QX, go on at least one of the Underwear Parties and exhibit some of my pictures in the EuroPride Park artistic tent.

Your best Pride memory?
EuroPride 1998 in Stockholm. I had relatively newly come out as gay and was going to see my first parade ever. In addition to seeing so many like-minded people in a parade, I became particularly touched when Proud Parents came walking in the parade – then, they were barely 20 people, and now they are hundreds. I’m as moved and happy to see them every year.