What does Pride mean to you?
To me, Pride is a place where the differences are our strengths. At Pride we are given the opportunity to learn more about each other and create understanding, whether it’s about lifestyle, politics, culture or identity and orientation. That means incredibly much. Pride for me has meant friends all over the world that made me kinder, wiser and more free as a human being.

Your best Pride memory?
Oh, there are so many I can not choose, but I must say that most of my memories involve the work as a volunteer where you meet friends for life and where you can expect laughter, crying and lots of love besides hard work.

What will you do this year during EuroPride?
I’m making my first Pride outside the board so I’ll just enjoy watching EuroPride become a reality. For me, the best pride day contains a little of everything – a start in the EuroPride House, go on to the EuroPride Park where you can talk to the exhibitor and get something to eat, and then finish with a late night with good friends in one of the bars. This year, I’m also going to the Human Rights Conference!