Moxy Stockholm with Anna Högkil at the top serves you the best food, from the real deal festival burgers to oysters, in EuroPride Park Stockholm. This year they have thought bigger and offer some new specialities.

Moxy runs a lot of the restaurants in EuroPride Park this year, how has the work been?
“So much fun. I have done this with Hayden from Patricia, and we work great together, supporting and pushing each other. But, of course, we can feel the pressure as we get closer to the festival. But it’s a great job and we both long to meet everyone again, staff, volunteers and guests,” says Anna.

There are some new ideas in the restaurants, tell us!
“I’ve really thought of this the past years, and now I happened to meet fröken Mussla, who lives next door to me. So, we’ve put this together – every day, we will have a Blue Oyster bar in the Champagne-area, where we will serve fresh oysters with help from, which is owned by fröken Mussla. We wanted the luxury, and oysters and champagne are a perfect luxury combo. And if you don’t like oysters, we also serve a Swedish Skagen baguette.”

And you’ll also have a pizza place?
“Yes, Moxy Pizza. You can buy a half or a whole pizza, and beers. One of our specialities is Pizza Lesbiana. And we also have a great DJ line-up in this tent, with DJ Pamela, DJ Felicia and more, who will play a as soon as the Great Stage is quite.”