What is your first Pride memory?
My first, and also best, Pride memory is when I was at my first Pride festival in Stockholm. I was 22 years old and draged for the first time. Me and my dragmother Shade Bornbitter got the honor to be up on the Great Stage and backstage in Pride Park. The whole week was magic!

What will you do during EuroPride?
I’ll be busy. First, I start rehearsing the next production at Riksteatern where I work, but I also have some gigs with my drag persona Carnita Molida. I’m going to play my monologue Zebrafinken at Unga Klara in EuroPride House on August 3, and read books under the program ”Among dragons and drag queens” there too. Then me and my dragmother is going to DJ, a yearly tradition we have at club Mums Mums, which is on Debaser Strand this year, on Saturday.

What is the best place to go to Stockholm?
Oh, hard. There are so many places. But probably Bouquerian in the Modo Gallerian. Good tapas which you can split. Sharing is caring!

Where are you a summer night in Stockholm?
I would be at my friends place for a home party and drink sparkling wine, or homemade sangria on cava out on the balcony with a nice view and talk about love and life for hours.

What should one not miss during EuroPride?
There are so many different ways to experience it, but I think it’s best where there are things happening. There is everything from panel talks to fun parties. I would combine the two, and have good company with me.