Hellmans Drengar & Dismissed – A unique musical collaboration between a qoir and rock music

Here you will see true fighters in the struggle to change traditional norms. Both the Choir Hellmans Drengar and Dismissed are very keen on to set the spotlight on LGBTQ issues.

Dismissed competed in the Swedish competition for Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 with the song ”Hearts align” and released their first album the same year, ”Heads held high” which they describe as the sound of a 1000 angry voices compressed and transformed into their songs. ”Every split lip or broken heart is put into our music.”

Hellmans Drengar is a male choir from Gothenburg that has for nearly 25 years challenged and questioned the traditional role of being a man.

Hellmans Drengar is propably Sweden’s most courageous male choir fighting against homophobia.

This concert where these two meet for the first time on stage, will only happen once. Hellmans Drengar will take on Dismissed’s songs and Dismissed will do songs from Hellmans repertoire their rockin’ good way.

EuroPride Park, Kungstorget Gothenburg, August 17, 18:15-19:15