What does Pride mean to you?
A lot. Besides all the festivities, the diversity and the joy, it is extremely important to celebrate Pride as a reminder that it is still not equal to LGBTQ people around the world. There are still many who can’t live and love just the way they want. There are many LGBTQ people around the world who are being persecuted, harassed, killed or imprisoned. I’ve been a DJ for 26 years, mostly on gay scenes and the older I get the more I realize how important the Pride celebration is. It’s a way for me to make a statement with my own openness. Showing other LGBTQ people that they should get out of the closets, showing that myself and a lot of others are here, backing theme up!

What will you be doing during EuroPride?
I’m going to play at most major parties for arrangers as Moxy, Cleangroup, Running for Pride, StandoutTravel, Pride Pool Party at Selma Spa Clarion, and of course in EuroPride Park.

Your best Pride memory?
EuroPride 1998 in Stockholm! I remember me bicycling along Skeppsbron, stopping at Slottsbacken seeing all these flagpoles along the road ornate with Pride flags. I’m getting chills thinking about it, it was really a feeling of recognition and transparency.