Rainbow Riots is an international artist collective and activist organisation founded by it’s musical leader Swedish artist and activist, Petter Wallenberg.

In 2017 the organisation released Rainbow Riots, the album of original music made by Wallenberg featuring queer voices LGBTQ artists from Uganda, Malawi, South Africa and Jamaica – some of the most dangerous countries in the world for LGBTQ people.

The first single ‘Equal Rights’ is part of the UN’s ‘Global Goals’ Campaign.
Since the launch of the album, media organisations from around the world have been reporting its release, from BBC (UK) to SBS (Australia).

”The message is spreading around the world. That’s the power of music. Rainbow Riots is giving an international voice to people who are being silenced.” – Petter Wallenberg

Rainbow Riots is the first time most people will hear a Jamaican dance hall artist who is also a gay rights activist. This groundbreaking album also introduces the listener to a queer rapper from Malawi and a whole array of LGBTQ artists from Uganda. As one of the Ugandan artists puts it: “Our lives are already in danger – it doesn’t help if we keep quiet.”

During the making of the album, Petter Wallenberg and his Ugandan collaborators ended up in the violent police raid of Uganda Pride and were stopped from performing. Now they are bringing their music into the international arena.