Leo.B controls the hour with iron hand, and promises drag queens, the high heel race and guest artists The Magnettes and Rednex-Annika Ljungberg, famed for Cotton Eye Joe. This year’s dragqueens are Miss Toby, Henrik Johansson, Linus Mauritz, Sweet Cassie & Women Up, Belinda, Queen T, Lucky End Bonita, The Swedish Open and Miss Petersson a la carte as well as the honourable stage hands Marcus, Linus, Mårten and Tim.

It´s gonna be extra all international style, high heel race, stage diving and of course some surprise. Do not forget to vote for Miss EuroPride that wil lbe crowned on Saturday. As usual, the show is like a full-stuffed cinnamon bun, as we say in Sweden,  says Leo.B

To enter the high heel race, e-mails can be sent to [email protected] and as usual it is the audience who is the unanimous judge. voting for Miss EuroPride can be done old school way by post-it notes via a mailbox in Pride Park, and the crowning  is done on Saturday by none less than Christer Lindarw, of After Dark fame, with entourage.