Norwood is one of the hottest emerging pop artists in the world and can be found rockin’ venues that have a knack for discovering great talent.

This American multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and actor is often compared to Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie.  Although only 27 years old, his phenomenal voice and stage presence are mature well beyond his years. 

Last year, this international artist represented the USA at the closing ceremony of World Pride Madrid 2017 and performed for a crowd of 3 million.  In May of 2018, Norwood returned to Europe for “Tour de Fierce” a four-month exclusive tour in 5 countries to promote love & equality around the world.  He is very honored to perform at EuroPride Gothenburg 2018 as the last stop of this tour.    

“The Future will be Different!  I envision a future where people in every country are free to be who they are, and love who they love” says Norwood.

When Norwood is not on stage performing he donates his time and talent to charities that offer crisis intervention and suicide prevention to LGBT youth.